Use our experience to reduce your costs

First of all, let’s explain how this works.
When you receive a quote you will see costs split 3 ways

Production Costs

These costs relate to direct expenses of the shoot such as transport costs, model fees, additional equipment rental, approval costs, and so on. These vary significantly from shoot to shoot and are highly dependent on requirements

License Fees

These fees relate to your final usage of the images created. The fees you pay will depend on the number of images, how you will use them, and any restrictions you require on their future use. This is where I can help you save money over many other photographers.

Creative Charges

These fees relate to the time required to produce the images and includes preparation, shoot, and post production.

I will waive all creative charges for your first shoot of up to 2 hours. To be eligible the following conditions apply:

1. Your final image license will be Royalty Free

2. I will have the scope to shoot a range of images that are unbranded and that do not contain trademarks of any kind

3. All models involved will sign a model release form, and all property owners/managers will sign a property release form where property is identifiable

This option will enable you to undertake your shoot at little to no upfront cost. You then pay only for the images you use. Royalty Free licensing is the lowest cost form of license and provides the greatest flexibility. Please get in touch for a schedule of license fees.

Production charges will apply where there are additional direct expenses related to your shoot.

How am I able to do this?

I have about 14 years experience in licensing commercial photography. In that time my images have been licensed many tens of thousands of times. I’m able to draw on this experience and my multiple licensing channels to make images available to a global audience.

Photos are all around us these days, and it’s normal for businesses to consume photography content like its smashed avo on toast…

The problem though is that today businesses either:

1. Purchase stock imagery that ends up looking ‘stocky’ and doesn’t convey local feel, culture, locations, or brand specific details.
2. Pay high rates to commission images that they use for a relatively short period and then no longer need.

The problem is no brand wants to feel generic, but the alternative is high cost commissioned imagery.

Over the years I’ve found that I’m able to leverage the un-utilised value of images, provided the original agreement and license allows for it. Unfortunately many businesses that have commissioned work pay for usage they don’t need. I’ll help you find a simple and appropriate solution that provides you the benefits of a commissioned shoot at a value closer to stock photography.

Get in touch today and let’s create something amazing!

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