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A wise man once said nothing
I’m not that man

Professional photography in Sydney


Brayden Howie

Ok so you clicked on that page that I secretly hoped you wouldn’t…
Well now that you’re here I suppose it would be rude not to introduce myself.

I’ve been behind a camera in one way or another for nearly 30 years now, and been licensing photography commercially for about 14 years.

I’ve lived a somewhat nomadic life, a life that has taken me to some incredible places, mostly in Asia. My wife and I have lived in places like North Korea and Thailand – 2 of my 3 beautiful children were born overseas. I was involved in providing support to aid agencies during major events such as the Asian Tsunami, and Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. I have a deep affection for Asia, it will probably always feel like home to me.

But as much as I love that life, with my kids getting to school age we decided to settle back in Australia. I’m still involved in humanitarian work in an advisory capacity. I’m also a Non-Executive Director of a major national Home Care company and thoroughly enjoy contributing to a large and rapidly growing business in this way.

But I’m Really a Photography Nerd

Deep down I’m really a creative, and in photography I find an intersection between science, technology and art that genuinely captivates me. I’ve been passionate about this art form since childhood, spending long nights in a blacked out bathroom getting a handle on dark room techniques and film processing. I cherish the old cameras and rolls of film that now adorn my shelves.

Bringing it all Together

As I reflect on much of my work to this point I realise that most of my effort has been about influencing the choices people make, and that’s indeed a humbling thing. The work I’ve done holds so much excitement because sometimes the smallest changes multiply in impact simply because people start making different choices today than they made yesterday. In many ways this is really the aim of commercial marketing and communications. The thing I found that influences this to the most enduring degree is VALUES – those things we choose to prioritise.

It’s about Values

We all share a common understanding of what values are. The best marketing people intuitively understand how to activate and shift values using communication approaches.

Today I love talking about this values stuff. And I am absolutely passionate about helping businesses use their products and services to have a positive impact on the world. Photography is a critical element in successful communications and marketing – a powerful photograph instantly connects us with those things we value most. As you consider creating new images for your brand, take the opportunity to have a chat with me about how you can make your images connect powerfully with your audience. It is my goal that you will receive much more than just a portfolio of pretty pictures, my desire is that your pictures will have a much deeper purpose and that our interactions will leave you just a little more inspired.

So that’s me – now tell me something about you…

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